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     Aguilai Industrial Intelligent Equipment (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of German RGI Industriemessgeräte GmbH established in China in 2020. Provide professional measuring instruments, automation control systems and automation technical support services in many fields. The company has been committed to the field of moisture measurement for many years, has rich project experience and strong technical strength, and provides various moisture detection equipment and control solutions for the majority of users. The company's online products include solid moisture meter, liquid moisture meter, gas moisture meter, ash meter, density meter, potassium content detector, propylene glycol detector, solid flow meter, truck radiation meter, nuclear scale, dust measuring instrument, etc. The company's products have been successfully applied to more than 300 companies in various fields at home and abroad, and have been well received by users!



The company not only provides sophisticated industrial measurement equipment, but also has deep experience in the field of process automation. Provide man-machine interface, industrial computer, configuration and other software and hardware products

The company's microwave flowmeters, microwave moisture meters and other measuring instruments are deployed and installed in more than ten countries around the world.

Covering many fields from tobacco, metallurgy, grain and oil, cement, etc., it is suitable for many harsh industrial environments.


The company provides total solutions for industrial measurement,

Can cooperate with customer PLC communication integration, SCADA system construction, industrial Ethernet configuration, and remote diagnosis, etc



RGI Industrial Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd.
Your non-contact measurement expert

RGI Industrieinstrumente GmbH - an internationally active and well-known manufacturer, supplier and service provider of measuring systems and components for more than 30 years for the non-contact determination of various process parameters such as density and moisture, especially based on bulk materials ( Different physical measurement principles for coal, potash).

Really good ideas

RGI Industriemessgeräte GmbH has been working according to this motto for over 30 years.

Our company specializes in non-contact measurement methods in industrial measurement technologies.

The  customers are mainly companies - in Germany and worldwide - from all branches of industry, but especially from the extraction of raw materials (coal, potash) and energy supply.

The customer has a measurement task?

Specialists at RGI Industriemessgeraete GmbH most likely can help him, because so far we have found a solution for every task.

With the know-how and wealth of experience from the northern Black Forest, proven measuring systems such as RMA 54 (truck scanner) have been developed.

We deliver the entire system to you, either as a stationary solution or as a mobile unit.

Our claim

RGI  offers the support of a customer project from development to commissioning, as well as services such as on-site training and start-up support.

Our aim and aspiration is to provide efficient service and technical support throughout the system's lifetime.

As different are the individual measuring principles used in RGI devices, components and systems, they all have one thing in common: the measuring processes are precise, non-contact and, above all, 100% reproducible.

Measurement technology and competence

This is what RGI Industriemessgeraete GmbH from Bad Wildbad delivers.

From the idea, to advice, finding a solution, project planning, production - also in series - and assembly, right through to commissioning and after-sales service.

Challenges are allways welcome at RGI, because there is no systems or project that would be the same, especially under the difficult operating conditions that prevail at the customer's site.


World-renowned supplier

All of the company's components are sourced from world-renowned suppliers. Ensuring that every component is of world-class quality with best-in-class precision, minimizing system-generated errors

Strong instrument research and development capabilities

The German headquarters has more than 10 employees. PhDs in physics and mathematics lead the research and development. All industrial field environments are presented in mathematical and physical models. Among them, there are more than 10 senior electrical engineers and mechanical engineers who embed mathematical and physical models into instruments in perfect harmony. More than 30 years of dedicated work, but also accumulated profound industry experience.

Safety and quality
Maintenance-free because there is no wear
● high operational reliability
● Long-term stable measurement● Recalibration is not necessary
● Checks before delivery:
- Quality, climate and function
User friendly
● simple, intuitive teaching
● retrofitting
● no contact with the material to be measured
● Measurement independent of:
- medium
- process conditions

"Made in Germany"
● own development and production in Germany
● Use of high quality materials and components
● Use of proven technology● Worldwide sales and on-site service by trained personnel

That's what makes RGI products so special
Client-RGI China

Cigarette pack moisture meter
paper wood chips
sewage sludge



Buckle details improve quality

Keep improving, pursue perfection

Pay attention to establishing a brand image, improve the brand grade, search for public demand, and let the corporate image be

The perfect posture is displayed in the market, it is urgent to choose us to reshape the brand